Konami has already started working on PES 2018 (Pro Evolution Soccer)

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (aka Winning Eleven 2018) is already in the development phase according to the sources close to the Japanese developers.

PES 2018 ft Gareth Bale

PES 2018 ft Gareth Bale

The game will be tested for the next gen technology that includes a 4k display, advanced frames per second and higher/smoother render rate for the next generation of display in PlayStation and Xbox. The features are tested by another department who already have a set of ideas that they want to test out.

As to challenge EA’s innovation in FIFA 17, Konami are testing out all the ideas of real life soccer that can be put into the virtual simulation. There are rumors that suggest that PES 2018 is being tested for Futsal (5 a side indoor soccer), women’s football and the big 2018 World Cup Event.

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It has brought to our notice that Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 could feature the FIFA World Cup license and are working with FIFA and Russia to get the rights.

A top level developer was fired last year from Konami and one of the heads of the company quit. This will mean that there is a new power structure in the company. We can only hope that this brings good things to the Pro Evolution Soccer Series.

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