PES 2018 New Features Wishlist

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is going to be the turning point for its developers Konami as they plan to take on its competition EA by adding a ton of new features and modes to the next PES 2018.

PES is well known for the graphics and details which its competition lacks. The developers have continuously improved on their previous version of the game but the game still needs tons of features and ideas.

Pro Evolution Soccer Wishlist and Features

Pro Evolution Soccer Wishlist and Features

Today, we talk about what the fans want to see in PES 2018. Don’t forget to leave your wishlist in the comment section.

  1. Natural Gameplay

The graphics are awesome, the shooting and passing are good enough but one thing PES has to work on is the movement. Graphics, shooting, and passing are not only the things that make up the gameplay, there should be a natural movement to your game. Konami is lagging behind on this. Changing the tempo and slowing down when needed are the thing that makes the gameplay un-natural. If they fix this, PES will be the No1 on gameplay.

  1. Improvement on Major Tournaments

PES has Champions League and Europa League license which makes them preferable to many of the fans. But, rather than making it their grand scheme and improving on them, Konami treats major tournaments like any other mode. The intro is special with a lot of hype in the league but when the season progresses, the only thing different is the commentator saying “This is a big match for….” The developers should work on making these models special.

  1. More Licensed Teams

PES transformed into FOX engine this year and their licensed team is incredible. They have improved on lighting effects, animations and revamp with stunning player details but most of them are only as good in Licensed Team. We need more licensed teams in PES 2018 as to make up for the details of players and stadiums. They already have Barcelona, Liverpool, Dortmund as top teams’ licenses. However, we want other teams like Chelsea, Madrid, and Milan.

  1. Upgrade Online Servers

Pro Evolution Soccer online is not as good as the offline version. They should upgrade their server to fix the massive lag that takes away a huge part of gameplay. The game is excellent to play but is not as smooth as the offline modes. At least PES 2017 Online is better than PES 2016’s crippling lagging online experience.

  1. Fix Commentary

The commentary in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 simply horrendous. It is common that there is a wrong or repetitive comment over something. There are not enough details about individual players, club and the league in the commentator. Not to mention that there is no life in the voice of commentators. You would be better off listening to music on your phone than the in-game commentary. The immediate fix required.

  1. Online Master League

We are still not satisfied with Master League as they fixed the current bugs but didn’t add anything significant. An online master league would make the mode really interesting and help make PES 2018 a much of a success.

  1. MyClub should be upgraded

The only thing that was added in PES 2017 MyClub from the previous one was new scouting auctions. MyClub has fallen behind all the sports modes with FIFA having FUT, NBA having MyCareer and NFL having Be a Player. A draft mode for PES 2018 MyClub would be an amazing add.

  1. Accurate Team Names

We cannot stress this enough. Konami should get all of the correct team names rather than sticking Man Red and Man Blue in the game. There are many patches that fix the names but they should do it officially. Non-Licensing kills for most of the gamers.

  1. Improved Visual Effects

The auto-replays for goals, misses, fouls etc are not as good when compared to the gameplay details of the game. There should be more Visual Replays in the game and they should be more advanced.

  1. Fix Overpowered players

Top strikers like Luis Suarez and Zlatan Ibrahimović can score from pretty much anywhere in the opposition half. Goalkeepers including De Gea and Manuel Neuer can save some impossible shot even from inside the penalty area.  They should fix these minor Ops.

  1. Create an actual PC Version

The same engine is used for PC and PS3 for PES 2017 which is a shame as the computers these days can render a lot better than PS3. There is a separate engine available for PC which the developers have completely ignored. What gets the PC gamers really pissed is how the introductory gameplay is so much better than the actual gameplay in the Windows.

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is being developed currently as you read this. And, previously the Japanese developers have checked the online forums/ blog sites for ideas and bugs; don’t forget to leave your wish list for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018.

What do you want to see in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017? Comment Below


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