PES 2018 Teaser Out – Way Better than FIFA 18

The latest trailer for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (PES 2018) just came out with a bang. It has been immediately speculated that the game will be better than the upcoming FIFA.

PES 2018 Official Trailer

PES 2018 Official Trailer

The trailer shows once again that the game has partnered with Barcelona FC meaning that the game once again will have fully licensed Barcelona squad and stadium in the game.

The teaser says that the full trailer will be available on June 13 and is more likely to feature more of FB Barcelona players. We can predict that the game will also have fully licensed La Liga rights meaning more details players and stadiums.

The PES 2018 trailer features Barcelona stars like Neymar, Suarez and Gerrard Pique in an amazing demonstration of the latest graphics for the biggest Konami Game.  The developers say that the game has a new Real Capture System with players details of all tattoos and scars.

The developers have also confirmed that there will be more additions to the latest PES 2018 than all of the last 10 PES upgrades combined. There are many of us who are expecting something amazing from PES 2018 to finally say that PES has a better edge over their top rivals FIFA series.

The Pre-order of the game has also begun. Pre-Order Now to get 20% off!

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